CCB, INTERPOL boost capability of IT crime probe; 商罪科聯同國際刑警 培訓資訊科技罪案調查導師

“Success of the fight against cyber crime hinges on not only the professional capabilities of individuals but also international co-operation," said Assistant Commissioner (Crime) Lo Mung-hung when he addressed the opening of the 10th Train-the-Trainer Workshop on IT Crime Investigation for Asia and South Pacific between September 10 and 14. He urged the participants to grasp the opportunity to build up a working relationship among themselves to tackle cyber crimes.

Following the success of the same event held last year, the Technology Crime Division of Commercial Crime Bureau (CCB) and INTERPOL jointly hosted the five-day workshop in Hong Kong. Among this year’s 21 workshop participants, four came from the Force while the others came from Thailand, Bahrain, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Singapore, Kuwait, Bhutan, Maldives and Macau.

Chief Inspector Ip Wai-kin and Senior Inspector Lam Ka-chun, together with Singapore Police and Team Cymru (an international Internet security research organisation), formed a training team to deliver intensive training in advanced skills of tracing criminals on the Internet and analysing network traffic, using the latest incident response tools, and investigating cyber crimes originating from “Botnets" (networks of compromised computers).

Within a few days, the participants had to absorb a large amount of knowledge in various subjects. A practical examination with a stringent passing mark was held on the last day of the workshop to test their efforts and to ensure the qualified participants would become trainers.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, CCB Chief Superintendent Chung Siu-yeung congratulated the participants on their achievements in the workshop and encouraged them to pass on newly acquired knowledge to their colleagues.

The event concluded with a reception hosted by CCB and INTERPOL for the participants, who brought home the friendship they had built up during the workshop, besides knowledge and networking.

Following the workshop, Mr Serupepeli Neiko, an Inspector from the Fiji Police Force, was on attachment to the Technology Crime Division for a week with a view to bringing to his police force the good practices and advanced skills in tackling technology crime. He is grateful to CCB for its hospitality and for having an opportunity to share knowledge with CCB officers.

第十屆亞洲及南太平洋區資訊科技罪案調查導師培訓工作坊九月十日至十四日舉行。助理處長(刑事)羅夢熊在工作坊開展禮上致辭時 說:「打擊網絡罪行的成效不單取決於個人的專業能力,亦有賴國際間的合作。」他呼籲參加者把握機會,互相建立工作關係,以備將來合作對付網絡罪行。

繼去年工作坊取得成功,商業罪案調查科科技罪案組和國際刑警組織連續兩年在香港合辦為期五天的工作坊。二十一名參加者中,四人來自香港警隊,其他學員分別 來自泰國、巴林、孟加拉、阿聯酋、巴布亞新畿內亞、斐濟、新加坡、科威特、不丹、馬爾代夫和澳門。

總督察葉維健、高級督察林嘉俊聯同新加坡警方和國際互聯網安全研究組織組成培訓隊伍,因應互聯網上追查罪犯的先進技巧、分析網絡通訊、使用最新的事故應變 工具,以及調查由「僵屍電腦網絡」產生的網絡罪行提供密集訓練。



工作坊結束後,斐濟警隊的督察Serupepeli Neiko暫駐商罪科科技罪案組一周,以期把對付科技罪案的優良做法和先進技術帶回斐濟。他感謝商罪科的熱情款待並與他分享打擊科技罪案的經驗。

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